Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Final Tally

It was October 13th when representatives from the Canadian Cancer society descended on Bowen to take part in the 'official' cheque presentation.

On behalf of our community and with much thanks to the sponsors, participants and all supporters both golfers and non-golfers, we were able to present the Canadian Cancer Society with a cheque for $30,000.00

Not bad for a little Island that exists in the shadow of West Vancouver depending on who you talk to. Of interesting note, one of my colleagues on the ride, Cpl. Fred Harding of the West Vancouver Police held a gala event/ dinner/ auction during the first week of October and rumour has it raised $26,000. While the last nickels and dimes are being tallied, it showcased the amazing response of our community in relation.

On Friday the 25th, I'll be re-visiting my fellow riders for a night of story-telling and sharing of photos taken while on the Tour de Coast.

With rumours of over 2,800 digital photos taken during the week, to those who volunteered to edit and copy the 'perfect' images that will tell the story of our week to disc, my hat is off to you.

So until then, I guess this blog remains somewhat hum-drum in the fact it forces you to read. After all, everybody likes to look at the pictures.....don't they?

For pictures of the cheque presentation, please visit:

See you soon,