Monday, August 29, 2005

The Ride is almost here!

August has been a busy month, with many things happening in the world of the Cops for Cancer charity. Numerous events, media blitzes and mucho training have coincided with another great visit to Camp Goodtimes on August 2 by the Tour de Coast team.

Everyone on our team has their bikes and have been riding in groups all over the Lower Mainland in preparation for the Tour. I have to send thanks out to Steve at John Henry in North Vancouver for tweaking my ride. The perfect balance between comfort and power, I have no excuse not to rock up any of the hills along the route.

At the risk of repeating past comments about the special nature of Bowen, I must comment on the drive of a particular group of people who don't often get the credit they deserve......yes, I'm talking teenagers.

With the upcoming golf tournament on Bowen Island which is the major community fundraiser benefitting my campaign, those involved in the Junior Development program at the golf course have been busy selling the blue wristbands with the slogan " TOGETHER STRONG FOR KIDS " with the goal of raising enough funds to pay for two entries in to the tournament.

During the Bowen Island Fire Department's Open House and at Bush Golf and most recently, their table at Bowfest, I'm pleased to announce two entries have been secured for the Juniors. Thanks Juniors and those who supported their quest by purchasing the wristbands.

With that I bid you adieu and promise to do a better job at updating from now on. The Tour makes it stop on Bowen on the 29th of September, we'll be riding off the 10:35 ferry enroute to BICS for an assembly at 11:00 which will see some photos of the tour and some words of thanks for those who have supported us so far!

In the meantime, let's hope Mother Nature can continue providing us dry days so the Golf Tournament isn't a washout....with that said, let's embrace nighttime rainshowers. ; )

Bye for now,



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