Thursday, July 07, 2005

Riding in July

I cannot believe the weather we're having so far this month. I guess I shouldn't complain as warm temperatures under a cloudy sky beat riding in the blazing sun. At least this way, I won't be adding to my farmer style tan.

I was able to benefit from taking the 'work' bike out for a bit today and hope to do the same tomorrow night weather permitting. I find it is a great way to meet people and it seems riding the bike makes me seem much more approachable to everyone instead of driving the patrol car. Summer is definitely upon Bowen as hordes of children were playing in Bowfest field this afternoon and numerous couples and families were exploring the many trails towards the waterfall/fish ladder and towards Killarney Lake.

I've had numerous comments made regarding last week's issue of the Undercurrent which saw nearly a full front page photo of Victoria, Bruce Russell and me at the Golf Course walkabout and a lot of interest seems to have been generated about the Cops for Cancer charity and its formal 'visit' to Bowen later this year.

While I let you know in my first post about the 'Tour de Coast' it seems our tour will be riding off the ferry in the late morning of September 29, making a few stops which will include Bowen Island Community School and then the lawn in front of Doc Morgan's Pub. Of course, the Golf Tournament is scheduled for the 15th of September and I'm looking forward to showcasing our community's civic-mindedness to people travelling here for the tournament from the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island and the city.

It is shaping up to be a great event.

Back to issues of sitting in the saddle, I'm off to put a few more kilometres on my legs before darkness sets in.


Blogger Chris said...

Hi Mike...great to see your blog up and running, and great to track the progress of the cause. You should have a little running totoal in the sidebar of the all the money you've raised.

Keep up the great work. We're happy to have you here on the island.

10:48 p.m.  

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